Hi, I'm @fascinated (Anthony, he/him).

I make it so you can find new stuff (music, art) on the internet.

My internet garden:

Token Chat

Stay on top the onchain comments minted on NFT collections created with Zora's tools.


Friday is an NFT edition where you can only mint each moment once. Custom solidity & web app.

Future Tape

Listen and explore new music on Catalog, Sound, and Nina (web3 music platform). The app's style references Muxtape (an early web mixtape service by @jstn).

Hype Machine

"a juggernaut of global influence" (Billboard), "our Billboard" (Chromeo), a project dedicated to exploring new music. Hype Machine tracks hundreds of music sites and assembles tracks they cover into interactive playlists (Popular charts, personal favorites, and much more). Running since 2005.

Merch Table

The easiest way to figure out what to buy on Bandcamp. Paste your favorite Spotify playlist and we'll tell you what's available. Once you are done shopping, you can show off your collection in AR.


Exceptional weekly music newsletter. Each issue highlights five tracks (using Hype Machine's data), a new album, DJ mix and a longread focused on music. Subscribe →

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